study English 8/26/2014

It's getting cooler here. The temperature is around 20℃ today.

I've been frustrated because I haven't been able to study English as much as I want. As you may know, I'm going to take a TOEIC test next month, and I want to complete two workbooks, 究極のゼミPart7 and 新最強トリプル模試3, before the test.
I've finished more than a half of 究極のゼミPart7 and one third of 新最強トリプル模試3 now. I'm running behind the schedule.

I used to study English in the early morning, but I can't get up early now. I don't jog, either.
Why has my lifestyle changed? Because I have to take care of my son at night.

Since my son hasn't listened to me and he hasn't studied very much, I made him go to tutoring school from last April. I had expected his marks would be better then.
However, I was shocked to see his result of tests in the summer vacation. All of his marks were miserable and even got deteriorated. Almost all of them were under a half of perfect. I have to admit he is not so smart, but I wondered why his marks were such bad. My husband said that it was my fault. Yes, that was true. I had relied on the tutoring school too much. I hadn't looked after his studying at all. I was worried about his future and I thought I have to sit next to him while he is studying even though he hates it.
He usually starts to study after eight o'clock at night because of the soccer club or so, and I have something to do after he finishes studying. So I can't go to bed as early as before, therefore, I can't get up early to study.

That's why I've been frustrated, but firstly I have to deal with my son's state before too late.
That's a mother, isn't it?

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Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
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