I took a TOEIC test today.

I'm very happy now because I was finally released from studying for the TOEIC test temporally.
As soon as I got home from the venue, I had a cream puff from a convenience store and a cup of coffee with listening to music to relax.

Since I didn't want to regret, I managed to complete two workbooks, トリプル模試3 and 究極のゼミPrt.7 just before the test around nine o'clock this morning. I had also studied yesterday all day long and my family had Yakitori Bento last night.
At first, I wanted to review about five times repeatedly until getting perfect scores on トリプル模試3 like プラマガ I tried before, but I didn't have time to do it eventually. I had reviewed it just once except Part.3 and Part.4 which I had read loud twenty times respectively.
After all, the scores on practice tests I had tried before the test didn't exceed my present goal.

Because I wanted to answer as many as possible on the test, I was planning to answer on reading part while a narrator was speaking on listening part, if I had a chance. However, I was very surprised to read a guid paper just before the test. It said that it's prohibited to answer on reading part during the listening time. So I followed the instruction.

It was the first time for me to answer more than 195 out of 200 on today's test though some of them were wrong. Before, I used to answer 180~185. So I thought my reading speed has improved.
On the other hand, I didn't understand listening part well on today's test because I felt some of narrators spoke very fast. So I can't expect higher score than last year on the listening part.
The result will come in about a month.

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