making Umeboshi Part.3

I was exhausted after I helped with the moving of my parents.
Before telling about it, I'll tell you about the Umeboshi I'm making.


On June 22, I took the salted bigger perilla leaves from the fridge. And I took 100ml liquid (It is called Shiro-umezu, or white ume vinegar.) from the bag of salted plums. I put the leaves into the liquid and mixed together.


I then put them into the bag. I covered the plums with the leaves.


I put the bag in a container where it's dark and cool. I'll wait for a few months. Then, I'll dry the plums in the sun.

To be continued.

I went back to my hometown by myself for the first time. Now, my son can stay home alone until my husband comes home from work. During days, my husband came home earlier than usual, though.


This is soup with potato and butter as complimentary beverage on the plane. It was so nice that I ordered one for a gift.

My brother came to help the moving, too. We were very busy, but my parents couldn't do a lot of work because of the elderly. My father often forgot things where he packed. Even my brother and I forgot where the car key was.
My mother didn't want to throw away things and there were fewer storages in the new house, so, there were many cardboard boxes in each room. We also had to buy many things such as curtains.
We couldn't finish putting away everything, but my brother and I had to leave on the way.

My parents' moving was much more difficult than mine.
Some of my old friends expect to visit my parents' new house, but I don't know when their belongings will settle down.


I was very pleased to see Mt. Fuji from the new house.

By the way, I love Cabbage Rolls. There was a restaurant serving them at the Haneda Airport building. When my son and I had gone the building before, my son had turned down eating the restaurant.
Since I was alone this time, I waited in line and managed to eat them. They were really good.
After that, one of my friend told me that the restaurant, Akashia is famous for Cabbage Rolls.


TOEIC テスト模試ハイレベル1000問

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5/10 Mock Test 1-- Listening 83/100, Reading 75/100
5/16 Mock Test 1-- Listening 97/100, Reading 98/100
5/19 Mock Test 1-- Listening100/100, Reading 99/100
5/23Mock Test 1-- Listening100/100, Reading100/100

5/24 Mock Test 2-- Listening 75/100, Reading 64/100
6/21Mock Test 2-- Listening 94/100, Reading 78/100

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Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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