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My son always wants to close his door. Whenever I had opened the door, he had played DS games or read comic books.
Actually he hates studying.

I decided to study with my son on a same table from 20:00 through 21:00 on weekdays. I study English during the time. He can't concentrate for an hour, and he talks to me a little about his school. I want him to concentrate on studying, and I also want to do by myself, but on the other hand, I'm glad to listen to him. He had hardly talked about his school and friends before.
Another problem is that he never studies before the time.

Firstly, I'll tell you about my online lessons.
I've taken the lessons almost everyday since January 2015. I had met an amazing teacher and I had learned from her for about only a month. However, she quit teaching there soon. I was very disappointed to lose her. I sometimes ask other teachers to do the same way as hers, but there is no one like her so far.
It is important for learners to find a good teacher.

I have a friend who lives in my hometown and she studies English very hard.
Although we live far a way each other, we study English together on skype for a few days a week. Now we are studying for Eiken 1. She had recommended the book, Buntan, as you can see on the photo.
We study it once a week. This book has all articles. We study one article per week. Before studying each other, we prepare the certain article respectively beforehand.
As for me, I read the article and understand it. I write down the words I don't know in the article on my notebook and write them on paper several times not to forget. I then read loud with the CD twenty times as always.
When we study it together, we read the article once, and we then give a speech about the article for two minutes by turn. Because, the interview test includes a two minute speech.
Apart from the day of Eiken studying, we have free conversations including a two minute speech. We give a theme which is anything on the spot each other just before one minute preparing. We then give a speech for two minutes respectively. After listening to the speech, we make a comment each other. At the end, we ask some questions about vocabulary.
I'm making my own notebook as you can see on the photo. I write down the words or phrases I had not known, not only from the Eiken book, but also TOEIC books or whatever.
I presume that it will take more than three years at least to prepare the Eiken.

I have to improve my TOEIC score as well. It is a snail pace, but I keep on studying it.

TOEIC テスト模試ハイレベル1000問

3/28 Mock Test 1-- Listening 72/100, Reading 67/100
5/10 Mock Test 1-- Listening 83/100, Reading 75/100
5/16 Mock Test 1-- Listening 97/100, Reading 98/100
5/19 Mock Test 1-- Listening100/100, Reading 99/100
5/23Mock Test 1-- Listening100/100, Reading100/100

5/24 Mock Test 2-- Listening 75/100, Reading 64/100
6/21Mock Test 2-- Listening 94/100, Reading 78/100
7/7 Mock Test 2-- Listening 94/100, Reading 95/100
7/13Mock Test 2-- Listening 100/100, Reading 98/100
7/25Mock Test 2-- Listening 99/100, Reading100/100
7/26Mock Test 2--Listening 100/100, Reading100/100

8/4 Mock Test 3-- Listening 63/100, Reading 64/100
10/15MockTest 3--Listening 85/100, Reading 71/100

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Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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