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I'm busy to make preserved foods in June.
After I made plum(Ume) syrup and sour as I mentioned before, and then I made pickled shallots(Rakkyo). The left shallots are made with water and salt, while the right shallots are made with honey, vinegar, salt and water. I tried salted shallots(left) for the first time.
I wanted to buy large sized shallots, but I couldn't get them. Since the shallots season is short, I missed getting large one. After I washed medium sized shallots, I peeled the outer skins. When I peeled them, some of them were separated because of consinted two. So they got smaller than before.
Anyway, making pickled shallots is time consuming for me.

By the way, I have refrained from baking cakes these days. I'm on a diet because I have to wear swim suit this summer. However it's difficult to lose my weight.

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WOW I think you preserve a lot of things. I haven't tried it before. I do have umeboshi every day, but I brought it at the store.

What do you do with the ume syrup and ume-vinegar-sugar mix?

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Dear just visiting,

Thanks for your nice comment again.
I just drink ume sour adding water, while my son loves to drink ume syrup adding water. It's nice and healthy cold drink in summer. And then after the jar was empty except ume, I eat them as they are. I want to bake ume cake someday.

I like umeboshi, too, but I haven't tried it yet though my parents who live in Shizuoka make it and send it to me. It looks difficult to make it and I haven't seen red perilla(Shiso) which is used for making umeboshi at grocery stores in Hokkaido. I don't think it's common to make umeboshi here.



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