I donated blood.

I donated blood for the first time in about twenty years. Actually I wanted to have blood test. I haven't had it for a long time and I have been worried about whether I would suffer from diabetes because my mother suffers.

There were two bloodmobiles in front of a department store. One was small and the other was big. At first I got in the small one and I filled out a questionnaire. And then I got in the big one. I got checked my blood type and other things firstly and then I got measured blood pressure. After that I donated 200cc blood for about five minutes. Then I sit and rested for about five minutes. Finally I got orange juice, tooth paste, a memo pad, a sticking plaster and two pocket tissues.
The result will come about two weeks later.


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I don't want to have a blood test for the same reason too. What blood type are you? I'm O+. I donated once in the UK (my current country). Do you get food too?

I will respond to your last comment -- I'm not Japanese. Just a person who is interested in Japan. I have been twice already -- October 2008 and January 2010. I went to Tokyo only because my husband said he didn't want to go anywhere else!

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Hello, just visiting,

I'm very happy to hear from you again. Wow! I thought you must be Japanese, because you know many Japanese language such as umeboshi or tanabata, and you eat umeboshi everyday as you said before like a typical Japanese. And you know your blood type though many foreigners don't.
I'm very happier because I wanted foreigners to see my blog as well as Japanese. Please tell me anytime if I make mistakes of using English though I think I always do.

By the way, my blood type is O+ ,too. I didn't get any food then. Did you get anything when you donated?

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When I donated in the UK, we were given snacks. I had a big meal before donating (apple + spinach smoothie, eggs, some other stuff). Afterwards they told me to go sit down and have some water. You can't leave until:

1. After drinking (500ML?)
2. After ten or twenty minutes, just in case you faint.

They had snacks and I was so hungry! I ate some and went home and vacuumed more food.

I wish I could eat umeboshi every day but I can only afford it about once a week. It's £4.50 for 12 of them here, which is a little expensive for me. No ume trees so I can't make it either. :(

Re: No title

Hello, just visiting,

Thank you very much for telling me about the donation and umeboshi in the UK.
The expression "vacuume" was interesting for me. My dictionary didn't say that meaning, so I added it on my dictionary. I usually do.
Yeah, umeboshi is expensive in the UK. I think handmade umeboshi is saltier and sourer, but I like it better than that in the shop. Making umeboshi is difficult, but I want to challenge in the future.



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