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I live in Blog Mura (Blog Village) virtually, and I currently belong to English and Ikebana categories there. When I go into the English category, I can see that many bloggers make efforts to improve their English abilities. And it stimulates me.

I usually take the TOEIC test once a year. However, my scores have been around the same stage for a decade as long as I complete two issues of "TOEIC Test プラス・マガジン" which is kind of magazine including a practice TOEIC test, but if I don't prepare anything, the score gets down easily.


Actually I really want to get a higher score. It was January this year when I took the test last time. Before the last test, I had read an article that if you want to get 100 points more you should study 300 hours. So I had studied more than 300 hours before the last test, but the result was even worse regretably. I was very shocked and since then I had been lazy to study for a long time. I thought a reason why my score got worse even though I had studied hard. Firstly, I have a bad memory. And secondly, I heard that the TOEIC test have gotten more difficult since last fall. And finally, I should've studied more effectively, but how? I don't know yet.

One day about a month ago, one of my favorite blogs moved me. She doesn't belong to the English category, but she said on her blog that when she was in high school, as soon as she came home from school she went to bed and got up at 12:00 midnight and after having supper she used to study until morning and then she went to school. How amazing she was! It's impossible for me to do like her, but I think I can get up early in the morning.

And my friend who likes English and always studies very hard made her dream come true. She became a translator at last! She is in her fifties now. And she is going to take the TOEIC test this weekend again. Her study will never be finished.

I read an another article said that if you study five practice tests thoroughly you can get higher score surely.

For those reasons, I started to study since the beginning of July toward the TOEIC test. As I don't have enough time to study in the daytime, I go to bed at 21:00 and get up at 3:50 and then I study from 4:00 to 6:00 on weekdays. And I will study three practice tests of "TOEICテスト究極の模試600問" as well as two practice tests of "TOEIC Test プラス・マガジン". I will take the TOEIC test in fall.


Wow, at last I confessed my plan on my blog! I have to carry out my words.
I'm tackling the first practice test still now. Am I all right such a snail's pace?
I will tell the result in fall.

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I think standardized tests are really difficult. My Japanese used to be OK when I was younger, but after my first trip to Japan (October 2008, Tokyo only), it became worse because I couldn't watch anything Japanese (dramas or movies) for about two years. Now I'm trying to catch up again, but I lack the dedication.

By the way, you made one spelling error. I think if you read over this entry, I bet you can tell me what it is because you are a good student! :)

Re: No title

Hello, just visiting,

Thank you very much for your kind comment. It was "January", wasn't it? Please tell me again when I make a mistake about not only spellings but also grammar.

Understanding dramas or movies in English is very difficult for me. I bet your Japanese ability is high. I'm very pleased that you are interested in Japan.

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Yes! It was January. Good job, I knew you could do it. :)

I watch dramas with Japanese every day and I pick up on the most common phrases. Of course, all I know are the most common phrases but not in keigo, haha. I saw a woman (much older than me) with a cute dog in Japan and I said "Kawaii" instead of "kawaii desu ne." Oops haha. My Japanese ability is really low actually. I couldn't even past the easiest of Japanese language tests.

Re: No title

Hello, just visiting,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog always and I'm looking forward to getting your comment whenever I update now. And I appreciate your telling me my mistakes.

It seems that you also make a effort to enhance your foreign language. Keigo is difficult for even Japanese. I should watch dramas like you.

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