Will you tell me the recipe?


There is a coffee shop in the library. And I like the carrot cake of the shop very much. It's a little piece of cake, but the taste is wonderful and it always makes me happy.

It seems handmade by the shop, but I don't know who bakes it. There are about three staff there usually. I'm wondering whether one of the staff bakes it or another cook who is not there bakes it.
They do not always have the carrot cake, sometimes they have pumpkin cake or cheese cake or chocolate cake instead. So whenever I find the carrot cake in the showcase luckily, I order it.
As I want to bake the same carrot cake by myself, I have tried it several times since I had it for the first time. However I haven't been satisfied yet.

Therefore I really want to ask the recipe to the staff.
One of the staff is a tall woman. I think she is a leader, because she is always there although other staff left.
When I was sitting at the table today, she often came nearby. I was trying to ask her many times, but I couldn't.

I will ask her about it sometime surely. Will she tell me the recipe? Who knows? "Give it a try because nothing to lose", right?

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Awww it's like a little baby cake. It's so cute.

The word "staff" is a collective noun. It can be singular or plural, therefore you don't need to add an s. :)

Maybe she will tell you the recipe. Then you can tell us. And then we can have it with the chocolate ice cream from yesterday. ♥

There's nothing to fear but failure itself!

To answer your question from yesterday, anything can be delivered in the UK next day but not within the day. We don't have takuhaibin (?).

Re: No title

Hello, just visiting,

Thank you very much for your kind comment. I really appreciate that you always correct my mistakes.
As you said I deleted "s" about the word "staff".
However, is it right to say "There are three staff at the shop."?
Please tell me again.

"There's nothing to fear but failure itself."
Yes, that's the proverb I wanted to say! Thanks.

And thank you very much again telling me about the delivery in the UK.

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You are right, "there are three staff in the shop" is correct. It sounds a little different to me, but it's certainly correct.

"Nothing's a failure unless you try" and "There's nothing to fear but failure itself" are two different proverbs. But they are both very useful! :)

Re: No title

Hi, just visiting,

Thank you very very much. You're very kind.


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