I usually use a bread machine a couple of times in a week, and I always bake French bread on weekends while normal(simple) bread on weekdays.

My favorite bread machine is about 5 years old and it had gotten repaired several times.
However French bread has been good, but the normal bread hasn't been good since it got repaired last time. That means whenever I baked the normal bread, it didn't rise very much. I have been wondering why. I thought I would have to buy a new one because the bread machine got old.

One day I thought that how another bread would be. Then I baked FUWAFUWA Bread using the bread machine yesterday.
Look at this photo below! It rised well and the taste was nice. I'm happy because I don't have to buy a new bread machine. Ingredients are not so different from the normal bread I baked before, so I still wonder why the normal bread didn't rise well.
Anyway I'm happy now, so I'd like to introduce the recipe.


FUWAFUWA Bread (for bread machine)

280g bread flour
190g water
20g sugar
4g salt
20g skim(dry) milk
3.5g dry yeast
20g butter

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No title

Hi,Sakae!How are you?

I comment on your blog for the first time.

I'm one of your friends. Who am I?

You are enjoying making sweets and baking bread,aren't you?
I don't have a microwave oven and bread machine, either.
Although I would like to sometimes come to make them,
I can't do it.Therefore, I am enjoying cooking now.

Anyway I'm also happy ,you were able to bake nice bread.

Re: No title

Hi, はっぱ.

Wow, thank you very much for your first comment. I'm very happy to hear from you on my blog.

I recognized you soon from the name はっぱ. I admire that you update your blog as well as facebook almost everyday and your arranging leaves are very nice.

Have a nice weekend!

No title

20g skim(dry) milk

Does this mean milk powder?

Your machine was only five years old and already broken? I think you should write a letter to the manufacturer. Because it should last longer than that, I think.

Re: No title

Hello, just visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment always.

> Does this mean milk powder?
Yes, that's right. You can use normal milk instead of water and milk powder.

I have used a toaster, a refrigerator, an oven and so on for more than 20 years, but I heard that recent home appliances don't last. I can use the bread machine still, so I'll wait and see it for a while. Thanks for your advise.


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