We will not move.

I'm steeped in a sense of freedom and happy now, because our family didn't have to move anywhere and at last the TOEIC test was over several hours ago.

I have been putting up with things that I wanted to do for about three months.
Those are baking cakes, climbing Mt.Hakodate, getting on a train whose route is going to be closed, reading, chatting, learning about photo, sewing, seeing movies or DVDs, shopping and so on. And I have to go to the dentist.
I have free time now.

Well, let me tell you about today.
I had to get to the place of the TOEIC test before noon, so I ate a banana for lunch just before I left home. I believe I can concentrate into the test which has two hours and 200 questions. So I always eat it at home before the test.
And although I have headache all day, I didn't take medicine because I was afraid I would sleep during the test.
Since I completed five practice tests as I planned, I thought my listening ability improved a little.
The number of examinee has increased, so the room of the test had changed from smaller room. And I was worried about that the test would start on time because it took a lot of time for the staff to prepare things. After all it was no problem.
On my way home, there was a chestnut tree.


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I'm glad to hear that you are not moving! I'm also glad to hear your test went OK. What a great relief. Just in time for fall. I can't wait to eat fall food. I want to see what you'll be making.

Re: No title

Hi, just visiting,

Thank you so much for your comment always.
Yes, I want to bake or cook fall food. I'm going to bake an apple pie in a few days. I'm searching for easy and simple recipe on the net.



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