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My family asked me to bake an apple pie, so I baked it in the evening.
Speaking of apple pie, I imagine America. I've been there, but I've never eaten American apple pie. I want to eat it, so I have searched the Internet. Especially I was interested in "pie". Seeing from photos or recipes on the Internet, I think it is tart rather than pie. I mean there are few layers.

After that the taste was good, but the pie got crumbled. I want to try another recipe someday. I should have kept the dough longer in the fridge, maybe.
Whenever I bake an apple pie, I usually add a banana in apples as fillings. Sliced banana melt and can reduce much of sugar. It's healthy, isn't it?

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I never thought of adding sliced banana. That's a great idea.

I've never made apple pie. In England I usually make apple crumble because it's easier. I haven't had apple pie since I left the US.

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Hi, just visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment.
Many people who ate don't think there is banana in it.

I wanted to ask you about the typical American apple pie. How is it like? how is the pie texture? Do you know a good recipe? Please tell me.

I didn't know about the apple crumble. I'll check it on the Internet later.

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I rarely ate apple pie in the US. When I did, it was usually frozen! I haven't made it either, because I avoid short-crust pastry.

Whenever I look for a dessert recipe, I go to: -- he's an American guy living in Paris for many years and a pastry chef. He also writes books. -- this is a compilation food site. There are pictures of food and each one is a link to a blog with a recipe.

If I want Japanese food I try -- Japanese woman from Japan, but I think she left Japan 20+ years ago. However, she returns often. I use her rice recipe to make perfect Japanese rice every time. -- Japanese-American woman in the USA. She makes many types of food and talks about her life growing up Japanese-American and her friends.

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Hi, just visiting,

Thank you very much for your reply. How kind you are!
I'll check them.

I checked "apple crumble" on the Internet today. I thought the apple pie I baked last night was similar to apple crumble.

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I believe most of American apple pies are made of American-style pie crust with lots of shortening. Most of them are very sweet but Americans love to eat such sweet apple pies with ice cream!
I seldom see Japanese style apple pie here in the US.
Perhaps, the closest thing is called "apple turnover", which is made of freaky pie crust (where butter is folded into like Japanese style apple pie crust). but this one is individual wrapped in a triangle shape. Most American apple turnover recipes call for frozen pie crust, rather than making it from scratch

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Hi, Sakulanbo,

First of all, sorry that I usually omit honorific titles like "san" when I write in English. It's my style.
Thank you very much for your information.
I didn't know that it's stricter to take photos in Japan than the other countries.
There are many attractive goods in the shop, too. I wish I could take photos of them.
And I understood about the American apple pies well. Thanks. I want to eat it once.
I admire you often bake cakes although you look busy everyday.


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