a street lined with apple trees

I went to Sapporo last weekend.

It's a harvest season now, so it seemed busy on the farms in Rusutsu on the way to Sapporo.

I dropped in at Rusutsu roadside station. They have many kinds of fresh and reasonable vegetables, so it's always crowded. Bottle gourds, Yugao in Japanese were very big like my thigh. I bought a white radish, shiitake mushrooms, a broccoli, paprikas, a cabbage and so on.

There was a row of apple trees on median strip in Sapporo. I took photos when going and returning. I couldn't take them well, because I took them from the moving car. Apples were red and looked delicious. There were some kinds of apples, and the kind on the photos was Jonagold. I wondered who eats them and whether they are polluted by exhaust gas.

It was cold at night in Sapporo, so the heater was turned on.
I left there in the next evening, so I could see the star-filled sky in the mountainous region. It was breathtaking. I wanted to take the photo, but my camera couldn't catch it.

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That looks amazing! Is the produce expensive? I heard it's always expensive in Japan.

What do you do with daikon?

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment always.
They aren't expensive at all. The price is lower than that of the grocery store. And they're fresher. Many of them were 100yen.
I grate fresh daikon and eat with grilled fish, or put it in misosoup, or stew, or salad.
Don't you have roadside station in your country? I like to drop in there very much.

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I didn't know what a roadside station was, so I looked on wikipedia.

There are many in the US and some in the UK but the appearance, name, and concept is a little different in all three countries. In the US we have parking areas (パーキングエリア according to wikipedia) but I think a roadside station is more touristy and different.

Someone on a Japan forum I'm on said roadside stations in Japan are really wonderful and much better than the ones in the US.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting,

That's right. They are really wonderful. You can eat and rest there, use a restroom, buy vegetables, fruits, handcrafts and so on.



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