I bought micro-sized building blocks, which are sized 4mm x 4mm each and are for making Neuschwanstein Castle that is a famous landmark in Germany. I found it by chance at a book store. There were some other sets of blocks such as for making Himeji Castle.

To digress a little, but I've been frustrated that my son is always into DS. The fault might be us as his parents, but it was not an easy decision for us. There was a gap between my husband's thought and mine. And I didn't want my son to borrow DS from his friends always. At the end we gave it to him a few years ago. Although I set a limit that is thirty minutes in a day, he can't keep the promise. He enjoys it with not only games but also various functions. I have been always thinking if there is something for him to divert away from DS.

For that reason, I bought the blocks. When he was smaller, he used to enjoy LEGO blocks. And if he isn't interested in it, I will build it by myself. I went to see Neuschwanstein Castle a long time ago, so it's not bad to remind the trip.

You will build it on the green mat. And you can see the size of it by comparison with a pencil.

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There was a gap between my husband's thought and mine.

Same with my husband and myself. My husband had a free life. He was able to enjoy life without chores and responsibilities. I had a lot of chores and responsibilities, so our thoughts are different.

It's too bad about your son and his Nintendo DS (?). Of course, your sons generation is different from mine. I had a gameboy, but it was nothing like DS or cellular telephones that people have now!

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Hi, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment always.
Yes, many fathers are indulgent to their children. However I don't think that it's good that both parents bring up their children too strictly. So fathers take an important role for children.


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