a book "Rachi To Ketsudan"


I read a book, "Rachi To Ketsudan" written by Kaoru Hasuike, who had been abducted by North Korea for as many as 24 years. And he wrote his memoirs of it on this book.
I've had concerns with that country since when it was the time of the Korean Air Lines bombing incident in 1987. And I've read some books and have watched TV about the country.

First of all, let me tell you about him although many Japanese know him.
When he was a university student, he and his girlfriend were suddenly abducted by secret agents of North Korea at the sea when they were dating. At first he had acted of protesting, but he had realized that it was impossible to come back and then he gave up it and made up his mind to live there forever. He had no freedom there, but a few years later he and his girlfriend got married and had two children. He had worked for translation there. Their children hadn't known that they were Japanese even when Kaoru and his wife left North Korea. And now his all family live in Japan happily.
However there are many people who were abducted by North Korea and can't come back still now.

After I read his book, I admire that he has a strong and adaptable mind, and he always thinks his children for the best. For example, he had asked his boss to send his children to study in Pyongyang even though they lived separately.
When it was the latter half of the 1990s, Japanese news often said that it had a severe shortage of food in NK. I thought it had only countryside, but actually it had happened even Pyongyang. Kaoru had worried his children's health, so when they came home for summer holiday or so and they left home, he gave soybeans to them saying to eat everyday little by little because he couldn't send them.
And I was surprised that North Korea always prepare for war and big underground installations had built already. And Kaoru had been often afraid of war there.

I wanted to know more about the beginning days of abduction and children's life in NK.
Anyway we do desire that other abductees come back home as soon as possible.

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North Korea is a country that fascinates and horrifies me. I met a North Korean woman who was born in Japan. Even her parents were, but they had N. Korean nationality. They lived in Hokkaido (!!), the name of their town was "fishing village" in Japanese but I don't know the location. There are many North Koreans there.

Lately, British people and Americans (I think) can visit North Korea. You have a guide with you at all times. They say that even late at night, most of the lights in the city aren't on. If you visit a store, the lights and heating are off, and they only turn it on for foreign customers. I also hear that the food is not so good and some people got a stomach ache afterwards.

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Hi, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for the information about the country.
I've never heard of them who live in Hokkaido. And there are many fishing villages in Hokkaido, but I'll check it on the Internet later.
Travelers can't visit anywhere, can't they? They have too many secrets.


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