Cabbage roll


I love cabbage rolls.
I usually cook it with white sauce, but I cooked it with orange sauce last night. I used not orange but tomato and milk.
A TV program, NHK Asaichi introduced the recipe, here.
I used some miso for sauce as the recipe said. I like the sauce very much, but my husband said that he tasted miso a little stronger. So next time I will reduce miso that means 1 table spoon for miso instead of 2 table spoons.
Anyway, it was very good. My son and I love it.
Why don't you try it?

Actually I used onion and panko instead of rice, and I used one cabbage leaf for one roll.

Cabbage roll (4 rolls)

8 cabbage leaves
4 sliced cheese

・250g ground meat
・1 egg
・1/2 teaspoon salt
・a little pepper
・100g rice

・a few sticks of spaghetti
・1/2 table spoon flour

・1 cup tomatojuice
・1 cup milk
・2 table spoons miso
・2 table spoons tomato ketchup

1.remove cabbage leaves pouring water (using water makes it easy) and then boil them or put them in a microwave for 4min.
2.mix [A] and make 4 balls
3.put cheese (folded in half of cheese) and a [A]ball on a cabbage leaf and roll it. and then roll it again with another cabbage leaf. then stick a few 2~3cm cut spaghetti into the roll to fix the cabbage leaf.
4.sprinkle flour on 4 rolls and put them in a pot. mix [B] and pour it in the pot.
5.simmer it for 30~40min.

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Hi, Always visiting,

I have a question.
When I say about cooking, can I say the word USE such as "I used some miso "?

No title

Yes, I used some miso is correct.

Of course I want to try your recipe! Because I've never tried cabbage rolls. But I can't read the instructions. :(

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for the answer.
I'll translate it briefly later.


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