It's snowing a lot now.
We had an earthquake of intensity 4 (Japanese scale) yesterday. As soon as it occurred, I turned on a TV and the announcer said again and again that "Please evacuate immediately! Please remember 3.11!"
It was the same scale as when the big earthquake occurred on 3.11 here, so I had been worried about Tohoku or Kanto areas, but it was OK as far as I know.
I was relieved.

By the way, Christmas is coming soon.
My son believes that at first he writes a list he wants and then I translate it into English and I send it to Santa. We usually do it before the Christmas day.
So he is excited to make a list of present from flyers these days. However the thing he wants the most is a Nintendo 3DS and its software.
I'm afraid that playing it for a long time might make his eye sight worse, so I don't want to give it to him. And I had said that to my husband always and he had agreed with me until last night.
However my husband suddenly said last night that "why don't we buy a Nintendo 3DS for him? Many boys have one nowadays."
My son plays the DS everyday and he can't keep his promise for using time.
I usually follow my husband, but this time I am absolutely opposed giving a Nintendo 3DS to my son!
On the other hand, what should we give to him then? I have no idea. He isn't interested in other things.
After the Christmas, Otoshidama which is a New Year's gift and his birthday are coming soon one after another.
What a headache!

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Maybe you can come to an agreement about how long he can use it for. What a difficult decision!

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment always.
Yes, it's a difficult decision. He wants to play it freely.


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