a cap and mittens


We have a lot of snow today.
I finally finished knitting this cap a few weeks ago, but my son wouldn't wear my handmade things any more.
I was disappointed. If I make a stylish cap, does he wear it? I don't know.
Maybe this cap isn't stylish, but I designed it by myself with a lot of love for my son. And I used the wool which is soft for his skin not itchy. Since it's poor for the cap and mittens without wearing, at least I want to tell you how good they are for my son.

the mittens
You see, I didn't close the tip parts of fingers, but the length of the mittens are enough for his whole hands. He doesn't have to take off them when he does a delicate work. And I added strings to hang down them at his classroom or inside the house. Children often wet them with snow.

the cap
He doesn't have to wear other ear caps nor a scarf. He only put the left part of scarf through the hole of the right one easily, so he doesn't have to tie the attached scarf. Therefore, the attached scarf doesn't have to be too long even though he doesn't put it through so that the lowest parts of it don't touch the snow when he plays with sitting.

Probably they are the last things that I knit for him because his age makes him shy when he wears my handmade things. I have to accept it.

Shall I knit socks or something for myself next time?

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No title

Maybe you should sell it on http://www.etsy.com/ instead.

I've never worn anything handmade. Maybe at your son's age, he really wants to be exactly like everyone else.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting,

Thank you very much for your comment always.
Is there anyone who wants them? I hope so, but I want to keep them for a while.
Yes, he wants to be like everyone else.
If we were American, did he wear them willingly? Because it's good to be unique in the US, isn't it?

No title

It is good to be unique in the US, to a certain extent. When you are a teenager or pre-teen (maybe from age 11-18 or 19), then it's really important to be like everyone else and not stick out. You can be a little unique, but if you are too unique or different, then you are weird and that isn't good.

After you enter college you can become really unique again I think.

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting,

I see. Thank you very much for your kind explanation.


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