I translated an essay.

I don't think that I'm easily moved to tears, but I sometimes get tears in my eyes when I read a newspaper.
I did the other day, too.
There was an essay contest among students and the theme was about 'Mother'. And a few essays were shown on a newspaper. I was impressed by the best award essay written by Natori Taiki who is the first grader of junior high school.
I'd like to share the essay with you, so I translated it.
I'm sorry that my English is not so good and it might be changed a little, but please read it.


'My Precious Mother'

"Your backpack smells bad!" my classmate said. I was surprised to hear that. It smelled strongly when I approached my backpack. At the same time, I noticed that the entire classroom smelled of fish. Why did this happen?

The previous day, I had bought some fish such as scallops, a yellowtail and so on at the supermarket on the way home from school by my grandmother's request. I didn't know then that these fish would cause so much trouble.
After I came home, my grandmother cooked meat that night. Unfortunately she didn't cooked the fish I bought. Now that I think of it, we should've had the fish.
And then I had totally forgotten to take the fish out of backpack that day, and I went to school with it next day.

After I noticed the fish in my backpack, I rushed to a trash box on the first floor of school to throw it away.
I had never imagined that the just errand for my grandmother would make so much fuss in my classroom.

When I came home I told about it to my family. My father let out a roar of laughter but my grandmother looked ashamed of herself. She blamed herself. And she asked me to take Dorayaki cakes to the teachers as an apology.
The next day I explained things my teacher, but he(or she) said to me that I don't have to do that. However my grandmother seemed to have an unsatisfied feeling, and said to me many times " Really? Really?".
She didn't end up buying Dorayaki cakes for the teachers and this ended up being a funny story.

When I think about it now, I think that her thought which is to take Dorayaki cakes as an apology represents her real character. She was really sorry about that her mistake caused such a problem at my school.

When I was three or four years old, my parents divorced. And then my father and I moved to my grandparents' house on my father's side. They welcomed us with smiles.
Those smiles are still vivid in my memory.

One day when it was my second year of kindergarten, my grandmother suddenly asked me **"What am I for Taiki?"** and I quickly answered soon "Aren't you my mother?" I forgot it already, but my grandmother told me later that her heart was about to burst with happiness when she heard about that. Since then she has loved me more than ever before and -- as if she was my real mother.

When I entered an elementary school, I made a promise to my grandmother for the first time that I would do good things for her. Then she said "Become a good and wise man." I didn't understand what it meant then, but her words might have been the source of my power.

When I was in the second grade elementary student, my grandfather suddenly passed away. He had helped my grandmother who always had been busy to take care of me. He always had smiled when we had visited him in hospital.
I attended his funeral ceremony trying not to burst into tears and I met his many relatives there. I thought my grandmother must be heartbroken. but she didn't cry - but smiled instead --saying good-bye to her husband. Since then she put her hands together everyday in front of the Buddhist altar remembering her husband.

A half year passed. I help my grandmother instead of my grandfather or my father now.
I don't have my mother, but those around me support me. They are another source of my power. I think that a 'mother' means not only the person who gives birth to you but also the person who cherishes and loves you so much. And a person who supports me with a strong power is my precious mother.
I can't live without someone's support. None of us can. My family supports me. They are my grandmother, my father and my late grandfather.
My grandmother is not my real mother. She didn't give birth to me, nor did she name me.
However she who has raised me with so much love is not just my grandmother but My Precious Mother!

PS: A few days later, a kind foreigner, my friend corrected this translation. I was embarrassed that there were so many mistakes, but I thought I should post it for English learners.
The underline means be corrected.

**"What am I for Taiki?"**
She(the foreigner friend) said this sentence makes sense to her 100% in English, but it's one of those interesting Japanese expressions that exists only Japanese.

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That's a neat essay. Thank you for posting it.

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Hello, Always visiting

You are welcome. I hope I translated well though...


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