at the hospital

My family went to see my father-in-law last weekends.
He is in a hospital now, and has to move in another hospital this week. So my husband and my mother-in-law went to see how the hospital was by car. During the time , my son and I stayed with my father-in-law about for a couple of hours.

I was a little nervous because it was the first time for me to take care of inpatient by myself. Of course there were nurses, but I had to help a little things for him.
Since his eyes were not so good, I measured the time to take medicines and I read a newspaper for him. When he had a meal, I was asked to take out seaweed from a shelf and water from a fridge. And I rubbed his back having a pain, he didn't ask me to do though.
When my son was sitting on a sofa in a waiting room for a while, my father-in-law asked me to take a blanket for him in case he sleeps. I was about to cry then because I realized again how much he loves his grandson even when he has a serious disease.

We stayed in-law's house that night and we went to the hospital again the next day.
Unfortunately his pain was worse than the day before. So he couldn't sit on the bed for some time when he had a meal. I was very sorry for him. After he took a painkiller, he could go to a waiting room by wheelchair with us for lunch.

My family left the hospital around at 4 p.m. and it took as much as six hours by car to come back home. It was difficult to drive on a snowy and icy road.


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