Animal Crossing どうぶつの森

According to the last evening paper about the snow on the ground in Hokkaido,

Sapporo 110cm
Otaru 127cm
Kucchan 211cm
Hakodate 54cm
Muroran 19cm
Asahikawa 78cm
Wakkanai 70cm
Nemuro 22cm

I can't believe that Sukayu, Aomori Pref. has more than 500cm snow on the ground now.

By the way, I was It caught my attention when I saw one of New Year's Cards I got at the beginning of this year. It was said something I didn't understand, so I asked the writer who is my friend about what it meant. She explained that it was about ONE PIECE, which is a popular Japanese animation. She has a son who is about the same age as my son, and said her family likes it. I was a little surprised to hear that because I don't like it to tell the truth. My son likes it and watches it on TV every week. I don't know the story, but I think the drawings of women or girls are a little sexual or glamourous. So I didn't want my son to watch it.
When I heard that from her, I thought I should stand get closer to my son. I had opposed many things he liked.

My son got an Animal Crossing game soft of 3DS for his birthday's present recently. I was surprised that the book was so thick like an dictionary.
I didn't like playing the games and I didn't want him to play it before.
However I tried the game. Actually it's interesting! I think it's different from other games. As a resident, I live in a village to earn money doing many things and so on in the game. Of course it's virtual, but the time in the game is the same as real here. That means it's winter and they have snow in the game and when it becomes night in real here, the village in the game becomes night and there are stars. And a shop is supposed to open at ten in the game, it opens when it's at ten in real here.
It's amazing!
When my son is at school, I sometimes enjoy it. I can join my son's village as a resident and I have my own house there.
Now my son and I talk about it together!


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My son watches OnePiece every week. I don't watch it, but sometimes sing the theme song"We Are" at karaoke. LOL Also, he likes Animal Crossing. It looks interesting. It's funny he trades Kabu in the game.

Re: No title

Hi, Happy Yuan,

I like the song, too. It's good.
I hear quite a few mothers enjoy the game.
Thank you very much for your comment.

No title

Many people in the US and UK like One Piece but I don't get it. It's one of the top selling manga and anime. It looks boring to me.

I like animal crossing too.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting,

Japanese animations are popular in the world.
I think it's good to watch them with my son sometimes.


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