Mochimochi Cheese Bread

One night, my son found a recipe of Mochimochi cheese bread from a recipe book which comes with a newspaper once in a while.
He loves cheese and likes cooking. So he really wanted to bake the Mochimochi cheese bread then. He said that he baked it that night and he wanted to eat it next morning.
It was after eight at night and he hadn't finished studying yet, so I turned down his demand.
Before six of the next morning, my son got up and he said to me that he wanted to bake it by all means. Since we had more than one hour to prepare it, I helped him.
I was busier than usual because I had to prepare another breakfast for my husband leaving home earlier than my son.
Anyway we could bake it happily, but he wasn't satisfied with the taste unhappily unfortunately.
He will try another recipe next time.


He cooked it by himself for me the other day. It was really nice.

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Hi Sakae, I think you have a nice son, my son used to like making desserts when he was in elementary school, but cooking is no longer his cup of tea now (Only eating!!). The bread in the photo looks fine, I wish I could taste it too. By the way, I was wonderiing how we should express the phrase 'mochi mochi' in English? The meaning could be 'soft and elastic', 'fluffy and chewy'.... What do you think? Mimi

Re: No title

Hi, Mimi.

Thank you for your comment.
That's a good question. It's difficult to say in English, but I've often heard 'chewy' as 'mochi mochi'. However 'chewy' reminds me of a chewing gum. How about 'soft chewy'? I'll ask someone about it later.

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It looks really good, too bad that he didn't like the taste. What did you think about it?

(I think you can change 'but he wasn't satisfied with the taste unhappily.' to 'he wasn't satisfied with the taste unfortunately.'

Re: No title

Hi Always visiting,

Thank you very much for correcting my English.
My husband and I agreed with him. We used Hotcake mix, but I thought it was not good.



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