My favorite radio program is 'Chikyu radio'(地球ラジオ) by NHK. I've listened it for more than ten years.

When I was listening it as usual the last weekend, they had a sound question to the listeners. It was a kind of music and I've heard of it in a foreign country. Then I emailed the answer with full of confidence to the radio station soon and I was waiting for listening my name and my answer from the radio with heart beating. It was the first contribution for me.
After all my answer was wrong, but I listened only my name from the radio. I was very happy. I knew it for the first time then that some countries' ice cream vans (mobile shops) had the same music in Asia.

By the way, when I attended the English class yesterday, the teacher suddenly asked us to say idioms by turns. I could say only a couple of them.
Since we didn't have any textbooks and he didn't give us any notes about them, I checked some idioms after I came home.
So I'd like to write down to memorize easy some of them. Memorizing is difficult for me.

1. A leopard can't change its spots. (You can't change who you are.)

2. A drop in the bucket. (A very small part of something big.)

3. An arm and a leg. (Very expensive.)

4. Apple of my eye. (Someone who is cherished above all others.)

5. Haste makes waste. (Quickly doing things results in a poor ending.)

6. Let the cat out of the bag. (To share a secret.)

7. Rome was not built in one day. (If you want something to be completely properly, then its going to take time.)

I like [7] the best of all.

I baked an apple pie.

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My mom always says 'Peel your potatoes while I peel mine' meaning 'Don't rush me!'

Today, I had an e-mail from a person who did not listen to my advice and asked a bad question. So I said 'My brain is leaking from my ears.' I'm not sure if that's an idiom, however. It means 'This person is so dumb that it caused my brain to melt.'

I want to learn Japanese idioms. I hear that a dumb person is called 'lantern head' because there is nothing inside.

Re: No title

Hi Always visiting,

Thanks for your comment.
That's interesting, because I think it's usual that many mothers rush their children.
You were opposite.


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