plum(Ume) sour and syrup


I made plum(Ume) sour and syrup the other day. It's very easy to make, so I make it every year. When it's ready, my son takes it adding water and a little salt to play soccer. I think it substitutes for isotonic or sports drink. And it's run out around the end of summer. I also drink plum sour at home.

{sour} : {syrup}
crystal sugar 400g : 600g

plum 400g : 600g

vinegar 400g : 100g

By the way, I talked with my brother over the phone yesterday. He has two children who are older than my son, so we often talk about our children and sometimes I ask his advice on my son.

He criticized me that I was not involved with my son very much.
I agreed with him. I really reflected on it. I have been into myself too much these days.
I finally gave birth to my son thirteen years after the marriage. Before having him, I had enjoyed my own time for a long time though I had worked full-time. So when he was smaller, I would been frustrated because I didn't have my own time. Nowadays my son can do many things by himself, so I haven't cared for him very much. That might be why his school grade got worse. And my brother pointed that one of the reason which my son got lost the motivation toward playing soccer was my indifference. He asked me whether I observed my son playing soccer on the club. I answered no. I do only just pick-ups. And my brother said children have good performances when their parents watch them. Actually I'm not interested in soccer, but I should watch my son playing.

I have been worried about my son losing motivation for many things these days. I thought the fault might be mine.
It's short time to be involved with my son. It will be less than three years left or so. I shouldn't be overprotective, but I have to watch him at a distance.

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When I started to comment on your journal last year, you were making ume syrup. :)

It sounds very difficult about what to do about your son. I think you and your son spend much more time together now than my mother and I did when I was a similar age. We never cooked anything together before in my life, I think. We also never went exercising together. Maybe the only thing we did together was go to a restaurant.

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I posted Ume sirup last year, too.
I told about my son to my friend. She said that I did't have to shoulder all his problems because there were many factors.


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