Souvenirs from Turkey

I couldn't sleep well last night because it was humid and hot.
It's 28℃ and the humidity is 63% in my room now.

It was the Star Festival, Tanabata last Sunday.
We have a unique custom here in Hakodate.
Children were looking forward to it very much because they could get snacks in stead of singing a Tanabata song.
I prepared snacks and a decorated bamboo as usual.
As more than fifty children visited my place last year, I prepared about the same number of snacks this year too. I prepared a small bag with some sorts of snacks per child last year, but I prepared a small bag of potato chips and an eel pie this year. My mother sent me fifty eel pies for the event.


I was waiting for children reading a book and listening to the radio at the doorway from 18:00 to 20:00. However to my disappointment, only about thirty children visited my place at the end.

By the way, I got some souvenirs from Turkey.



An olive oil soap with lavender and sweets.
I tried to eat one of them. It is like jelly with some nuts covered with coconut. It's one of the traditional Turkish sweets according to the package. It was not too sweet and it was nice. I thought it was like Japanese Kurumi-Yubeshi.

I've never been to Turkey. It's one of the countries I've really wanted to visit. When can I visit there? It's difficult for me now and I don't think it's safe these days.

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I love turkish delight -- the rose kind without nuts is beautiful!

I use olive oil soap every day. I have an allergy to regular soap. So I have to use natural or specialty soap.

My husband's co worker went to Turkey. She went on a special retreat for a diet. You can only have vegetable juice. I wonder if she did well.

Re: No title

Hi Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
That sounds nice about his coworker.
Oh, you know the sweet, don't you?
Before I used to make olieve oil soap many times. It was nice, too.


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