I get mad.

I think I rather have a calm character, but I get mad every night these days.
That's because of my son.
I know many children don't like studying, but my son hates it. And he has a rule that is washing dishes three times a week at home, but he doesn't do it nowadays.

My son does his homework around 21:00 although good children do their homework as soon as they come home from school, after that they play outside and then they come home earlier than my son and go to bed before when my son starts to do his homework.

Besides, I knew recently that he played DS games secretly from the time when I went to bed to the time when my husband came home from work as well as in the daytime! I want to go to bed early so that I get up early next morning.
My son turns a deaf ear to my repeated advice and plays it his way always.
I think he is addicted to playing DS games. I want to throw it away, but then I made a rule that he can play it until 18:00 everyday and if he breaks it he can't play it for one week.

How can I be a dignified mother for him?
I'm afraid how he will be in his teens.

Woo, I got mad again!
My son didn't do his homework until 22:00 tonight although I said to him again and again. Of course he didn't play DS games after 18:00 today but he read Manga or did something. Then I scolded him very very much. After that he did his homework and washed dishes reluctantly. After all he went to bed on 22:30! though he is still a small child.

My anger is too strong to sleep still now (23:55)! I want to go to bed before 21:30 though.

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I understand that you're angry.

Maybe you should tell him that if his grades/marks drop that you will have to reinstate a new rule: that he must do his homework as soon as he comes home. Maybe you can sit with him or go over it with them. Then after 20:00 he can play games or read anime until his bed time (whenever that is).

Re: No title

Hi Always visiting.

Thank you for your advice.
He doesn't like to be with me when he is studying. And even so, he wouldn't study.
He never does his homework as soon as he comes home.
It's really difficult to control him.


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