hit the nail

A heavy rain woke me up last night. It's been raining still now.

I tried the third practice test of TOEIC this early morning. I couldn't concentrate for two hours and the result was worse than the first one. It was terrible.

My friend I met the other day told me that her son also had the same skin trouble around his eyes as my son. She said the cause was swimming goggles. So he doesn't have swimming lessons for a while.

Speaking of goggles, the skin around my son's eyes got worse after swimming. However he has had lessons for several years. I wondered why it happened this year. Anyway, I called the swimming school office to tell being absent for a month and I asked about the goggles. She said that the old goggles sometimes had much bacteria.
It hit the nail on the head.
I'm ashamed to say that but I've never washed his goggles but I've just wiped it.
When my son gets better, I'll buy him new goggles and I'll wash them after swimming.

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No title

I'm glad that you found out what the problem was! Thank goodness...

Re: No title

Thank you, Always visiting.

The doctor said that chlorine for the pool is not good for skin, too.
I'm interested in ARAU you told me before, so when I go to a drug store I want to buy one.

No title

Hi, Sakae.

This is the first time for me to visit your blog.

Thank you for telling me the new phrase"hit the nail on the head"

I really love Hokkaido because one of our daughters live there
for her study.

I'll visit you again soon.


Re: No title

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ san.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I'm learning English and my English is not perfect. I often make mistakes.
To tell the truth, I'm not sure the phrase "hit the nail on the head" is good for this situation. I'm sorry.
That's very nice of your daughter to live in Hokkaido!
I hope she enjoys her life here.

Re: No title

再び、ダイエット妄想ママ さん

今日英会話教室の先生に "hit the nail on the head" の使い方が間違っていないか聞いてきました(話の内容的に)。この使い方でいいそうです。


Hi, Sakae san
Thank you so much.
Are you taking English lessons?
I am a full time office worker and I always have envied people who can take English lessons.
I usually listen to CDs while I am driving . That's the way I learn English. I want to exchange many ideas with you.

Re: Thanks

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ san.

I was relieved that you saw my comment.
Yes, I've taken them for a long time. I enjoy it.
I'm happy to hear that you want to exchange many ideas with me.


Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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