3D movie

It was the first time for me to see 3D movie today.
My son and I saw Monsters University.

Before seeing the movie, I didn't want to see 3D movies because I didn't think they were good for eyes. So I asked the movie staff that I didn't want to use 3D glasses, but she said it was blurry even without 3D glasses. After all I saw the movie using them.
However it was not bad and it didn't make my eyes tired very much. I had a good experience.


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No title

Hi, Sakae san

How was the movie?

Was it interesting?

I have seen some 3D movies, but, to tell the truth, I

like 2D movies better.

If the same movie is played at the same time, I will

choose a 2D one.

I usually wear glasses and on those glasses, I have to

wear 3D glasses, it is troublesome for me.

And 3D movies are more expensive.

Actually I will go and see Monster University 2D tomorrow

with my daughters.

Our elder daughter wants to see that movie before she goes

back to Hokkaido this Sunday , but for our younger

daughter it is the second time to see that movie.

Anyway I want to enjoy the movie together with daughters.

See you tomorrow.

Re: No title

Hello, ダイエット妄想ママ san.

Thank you for your comment.
The movie was good, but actually I prefer movies for adult. But my son is still a child, so he wanted to see it. There was another animation, Kazetachinu at the theater and I wanted to see it, but my son didn't.
I was wondering at the theater if a person had worn his/her own glasses. You mean you have to wear two pairs of glasses. That sounds troublesome.
I like 2D better than 3D, too.
Have a good time with your daughters!

No title

3D movies aren't fun for me because I already wear glasses. :( So I have to put glasses over my glasses. It's a little uncomfortable. So I rarely see them.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thanks for your comment. I can imagine wearing two pair of glasses is uncomfortable. And it's not good to pay for 3D glasses when you see 3D movies.


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