Art Exhibition / Maurice Utrillo


I went to an art museum to see Utrillo's works.
There were 76 works and many people came to see them. Some of visitors were elementary school students. They were lucky to have the class. I wanted my son to come with me although he wasn't interested in it.

Utrillo was born in 1883. He had painted many landscapes in Paris. They were very beautiful. And some of his works were painted the same buildings from different directions, seasons or years.
Unfortunately he hadn't grown up in a happy family. People didn't know who his father was. His mother had many boyfriends and she left Utrillo with her mother. Utrillo's grandmother used to drink wine in the evenings and it seemed she often gave Utrillo a little of wine since he was a child. So he loved wine and he had been alcoholic in his life.

I love his paintings. I've never been to France, but I want to go see the landscape.
And those paintings made me feel that I want to draw a landscape around here.

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Thank you for showing beautiful pictures.
I know his name and that he is an artist but I haven't known what kind of pictures he had painted.
He seems to be an artist who drew mainly landscapes.
The colors he used for painting were light and those colors gave me a sort of relaxed feeling.

I have been interested in oil painting. And when my elder daughter was a first year high school student, she had to paint one picture as a home work during the summer vacation.
At that time she belonged to tennis club and was so busy.
She complained that she had no time to paint a picture.
So I said I would do it for her. It took 40 days to paint one picture.
She brought it to her school and her art teacher said
" I know you were very busy but you should have taken time.
I want you to do conscientiously."
When I heard that, I was so mad. I knew I was not good at
painting( my daughter was really good at art and she had been told to join the art club) but I spent the whole summer to paint it and he said her( my) painting was 手抜き.
(He didn't know that her mother, I , painted it)
But now I want to learn how to paint...

Re: No title

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ.

Thank you for your comment.
What a poor mother! I know how you feel. On the other hand, I'm sorry but your story made me laugh.
Oh, I can't laugh at it. Because I'm not good at painting, either.


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I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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