my interim study report for the TOEIC test 2013

Good morning.
But it's not a "good morning" for me. I'm really disappointed now.
I finished trying the forth practice test just now, and I was shocked to see the result. My efforts have never born fruit. Not only that, results I tried have been getting worse. Why? I can't believe it.


I usually take a TOEIC test once a year. And I study English every early mornings before my family gets up.
I've studied for the TOEIC test 2013 since last June and I had finished studying the text book "新TOEICテストハイパー模試" with three practice tests completely yesterday. It took three months to finish. And I tried another practice test, "TOEIC Test プラスマガジン11" early this morning.
I planned that I was going to study five practice tests before the TOEIC test in September. My results of three practice tests of ハイパー模試 were not good, so I thought the text book was difficult for me.
I've tried プラマガ many times before, so I know how level the text books are. And I thought I would get higher score than ハイパー模試.
However I knew this morning that the result was really bad.
I bought these プラマガ books before. They are a little old, but since I haven't done them yet I thought I should study them before the test.
I'll review the プラマガ11 from now on and then I'll try another one, プラマガ1 before the TOEIC test.

Is my brain getting worse because of aging?

Anyway, I'll do my best for about a month.

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Private comment

No title

Hi, Sakae,

I really look up to you .
You tried very hard.
To tell the truth, I think I should have taken a TOEIC
test but sitting for hours is very hard for me.
I cannot imagine that I will sit for about an hour to listen to
English. I cannot concentrate on a foreign language for such
a long time.
Incredible hard for me.

But I know I have to do something for English study and
decided to listen to short news about politics/economics/
science ,summarized in my words and then dictate and
I usually study early in the morning because every night
I drink beer or wine and cannot study at all after dinner.
Today I studied for about 1 hour in the morning.
That's enough for me.

Sakae, let's try to do our best to be fluent in English!!
Someday I want to talk with you in English over a cup of


Re: No title

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ.

Thank you for your comment.
I've been thinking today how I should study from now, but I'll do as my plan. And I'll see the result, then I'll change the way to study if it gets worse.

I look up to you, too. Although you have a full-time job, you study hard.
By the way, I envy women who like alcohol. They enjoy their lives not only day time but also nights with friends.
Yes, let's talk in English over a cup of COFFEE!

No title

I taught conversational English in Osaka in 1986 - 1987. One thing I noticed was that many students had a problem with English because they were so intent on the grammar...on translating from Japanese to English...that they had tied themselves into knots. In order to be fluent in another must think in that language. One of the best ways is to learn as a child of that language does. Start out with the same texts they use. The language becomes intuitive. How much of the language you already know will determine how quickly you will progress. Read English, and study it, at the level of your capabilities...and you will see great and rapid progress. Also, your progress will be real. You will not be translating the will be doing what native children do...and you will soon be able to out speak and write those who still translate in their heads.

Re: No title

Hello, shiroi tora.

Thank you very much for your kind advice.
You said that "Start out with the same texts they use." From the point, I thought you meant repeating the same text was better than studying different texts.
And I should think in English as much as possible.
Thanks again.

No title

Hi, Sakae.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

That's great you study English early morning before your family members get up.
I usually wake up early morning, not for studying English but because of aging.

I think you are diligent and I respect you.

I've taken TOEIC test once 10 years ago.
My husband and my second son who just entered the national university also took it at the same time.
I'll leave the results to your imagination.

Re: No title

Hi, 西郷の局.

Thank you for your comment.
I'm not diligent. And I'm a slowpoke, so it takes longer time to do anything.
I envy you because your family seems to have mutual interests.
I sometimes want to speak English in my family, but they don't speak English. And I want to go abroad with my family, but they aren't interested in it.


Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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