Would you like to go on stand-by?


The fruits of Japanese rowan (ナナカマド)is turning red these days. In winter, all of the leaves fall off and only red fruits remain. The red of the fruits emphasizes its beauty in the white snowscape.
Japanese rowan, Nanakamado in Japanese means "seven"(nana in Japanese) and "a cooking stove"(kamado in Japanese). In other words, this plant is too strong to burn even though you put it in the cooking stove seven times.

By the way, I've been studying this textbook ↓ nowadays.

The book introduces some interesting phrases that I didn't know.
The each word is easy, but it's difficult to understand.
I thought I should watch dramas or movies to learn these kind of phrases.

I want to write them down here not to forget.

1. Would you like to go on stand-by?
2. Let me get that out of the way for you.
3. There is no "I" in the team.
4. What say you?
5. Are your bowels moving properly?
6. What'll it be?
7. Have you got anything smaller?
8. What brings you here today?
9. Say ah.
10. On your mark.(Get set. Go!)
11. I rest my case.
12. Class dismissed.


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No title

Hi, Sakae

I don't know half of the phrases you showed me.

Do you know the drama "Friends"!?
I have never watched it but one woman bloger
writes that by watching the drama she could pass the test(??)
I only read the title so I'm not sure that is correct or not.

I have been very busy these days so I didn't study English
at all. But this is an excuse, I know. I said I had no time to study but I had enough time to drink.(ヘヘヘv-8
Whenever Mr. Hayashi(a Japanese teacher at Toshin High School.
いまでしょ.のひと)does something, he thinks that this is interesting or not and it is good for himself or not.
The best thing is something that is interesting and good for him.
The worst thing is something that is not interesting and not good. So he tries not to do it. It's easy.
The problem is that there is something that is interesting but not good and there is something that is good but not interesting.
And we should keep doing something that is good but not
interesting if we want success. For me studying English is something that is good but not interesting.

How about you?

Re: No title

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ.

Thank you for your comment.
I know only the name of "Friends", but I've never watched it, either. When I was a child, my favorite drama was "Little house on the Prairie" (大草原の小さな家). Of course I used to watch it in Japanese.

I admit that I'm a typical Japanese learner who studies only for TOEIC or Eiken. So I'm not good at practical English. Yes, studying for TOEIC or Eiken is not interesting, but I want to know how much my English is improved by taking tests. And knowing the results stimulates me. So I want to keep it.

On the other hand, I should watch dramas or movies as well. I know it's more interesting than studying textbooks. I like to watch them, but it's time consuming, isn't it?
Anyway, I want to watch them after I take the TOEIC test.



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