a smartphone

I'm tired now only after I just sit and watched some soccer games outside all day long.

After all I bought a smartphone.
As you may know, I had been troubled with my driving in an unfamiliar area.
Several days ago, I borrowed a smartphone from my husband and I tried a navigation system from the smartphone. My son sit next to me and my husband sit in the rear seat at that time. And I asked my husband not to say anything about the direction while I asked my son to help me with the navigation system.
In the end I could go to a certain destination with my son's help.
I learned the smartphone was useful to me.

Actually I'm old-fashioned and I didn't intend to buy a smartphone for a while.
However I don't want to rely on someone for driving any more, so I made up my mind to buy it.
I hope I can drive anywhere as long as my son and the smartphone help me.

I found some tiny wild strawberries standing quietly in a corner of parking lot.

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Private comment

No title

Hi, Sakae

You got a smart phone?

To tell the truth, I am a technophobia or
really poor at using new machinery items.
So I haven't got a smart phone yet.
One of my friends says he pretends to have
a smart phone and he touches the front glass of his
cell phone.
It's so funny.
I don't mind that I still use an old cell phone.

To try a new thing is good.
You can use your smart phone in many ways.
That's nice of you.

Re: No title

Hello, ダイエット妄想ママ.

Thank you for your comment.
Ahaha. Your friend's story is funny.

When I got the smartphone, a guide book didn't come with it. So it was difficult for me to use it. I utilize a few fanctions still.

a smart phone

Hello, Sakae san.

I haven't have a smart phone yet.
I think that it's very convenient.
But I don't have to use a smart phone.
I like PC.
My PC is desktop PC.
I'm traditionnal person :D

Re: a smart phone

Hi, Kimitan.

First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss. May your mother rest in peace.

Thank you for your comment.
Me, too. I prefer PC to a smartphone.
I think I should save money for the smartphone.

No title

I was delighted to hear that you got a smart phone. I know how worried you are about driving already.

That strawberry looks nice.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
The navigation system of smart phone is very good. It can adjust in the way automatically if I go a wrong way.


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