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I sometimes bake cakes nowadays after taking the TOEIC test.
It's been long time since I baked cakes before the test.

At first I baked shortbread.
The shape was not so good, because after I put them into the oven, the bottom of the shortbread melted and got wider than the top. So the shape turned out to be trapezoid not box-shaped. And the texture was crisp and hard, but I wanted them to be more soft like that I got from the UK.


Then next, I baked a carrot cake.
I like carrot cakes very much. As I mentioned before, I love the one of the library's cafe. They don't have it always, but whenever I find it by chance I have it. I have wanted to ask the recipe, but I can't it still now.
When I made carrot cakes before, I always used butter. I thought it was very important to make cakes. However when I see many recipes of carrot cake on the Internet, many of them use salad oil. So I used it instead of butter this time.
It turned out much better than before. The texture was soft even the next day. Besides it was like the one of the library's cafe.


I learned that the salad oil was good as well for making cakes.
So I baked an apple and raisin cake using salad oil a few days later.


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No title

Hi, Sakae

The carrot cake you made looks so nice.
And you made with salad oil not with butter.
Wow, this is the first time for me to hear that.
Next time I will try.

Long ago, before I got married, I worked at a foreign language school. (I was not a teacher. I was a secretary.)
There were some American teachers and one of them was
a woman whose hobby was making cakes.
She was a diabetic so she could not eat cakes but she
made cakes so often for us. I liked her carrot cake the best
of her cakes. I loved her icing so much.
Oh, I remember the days with them.

Every morning I make carrot and apple juice. After I make
juice, there are lot of carrot and apple left over and I
sometimes make cookies with them because to throw
them away is もったいない. The taste is good.

Re: No title

Hi, ダイエット妄想ママ.

Thank you for your comment.
I was sorry that the American woman couldn't eat cakes she made by herself.
I make cakes because I do want to eat them.
I also make mixed juice, but isn't washing juicer troublesome? Do you peel the skin of apples when you insert them into the juicer?
I would be happy if you tell me the cookie recipe using leftover when you have extra time.

No title

The carrot cake looks fantastic.

I like the shortbread biscuits. I think they need to be a little hard, but crumbly. Yesterday, I tried another brand of shorbread biscuits. They were a little sweet, but not too sweet. I think that many shortbread biscuits in the UK are too sweet!

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
Whenever I go shopping, I check the shortbread. But I can't find it. And many people don't know it even a clerk of import shop.
I know I can buy it on the Internet, but I want to look for it more here and there.


Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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