an imported food store

I went to an imported food store in Hakodate for the first time.
I was going to buy some shortbread, but I couldn't find it. So I asked a staff about it, but he didn't know what it was. Unfortunately they didn't have it.

It was interesting for me to look around in the store. And I bought some graham and rye flour and so on.
And I had graham bread this morning. The taste was not so different from plain bread, but it told on the teeth a little I had a granular crisp texture.


By the way, today I got the result of TOEIC test which I took last month.
As I expected, it was worse than that of last year. I was disappointed.

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No title

I am sorry to hear about your test. :(

Also too bad you couldn't find shortbread. I believe you must really like it!

but it told on the teeth a little.

I am not sure what this means. Can you give me the Japanese phrase for this? I can run it by rikai-kun or rikai-chan.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for letting me know about my wrong English.
I wanted to say つぶつぶ食感(しょっかん) が あった because of graham.
How about 'I had a granular crisp texture.'?

Please look at the comment site of my blog 10/11. Kimitan left a message to you.

No title

Hi Sakae
I am sorry to hear about your test result.
What kind of proverb do you want to send you?
I think that is the key to be better.

I read your blog and thought what should I say to you.
If I were you, what kind of words do I want to get?
I am really a lazy person so if someone tells me
"You are lazy. Try hard.", I will get mad.(??)
If someone tells me, "You have another chance.
Don't mind." I will think "You cannot understand what I feel."
So I cannot say well. But you keep trying to take tests.
That is really worthy of praise.

Sorry, I can't explain well.

Re: No title


Thank you very much. Any words would be fine to me.
I usually get on positive side even if you gave me sarcastic remarks.
I've been lazy since I took the test, so I think I should study hard.

No title

Hi Sakae

I went to check Kimitan's message. I was glad to see it.

Rikai-kun says "A granulated or lumpy texture." Does this mean when you tried it, your teeth hurt? Or it was too hard to bite into?

I had some granola the other day. It was hard to chew. After chewing, my mouth start to hurt. I had to chew so much!

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting.

My teeth didn't hurt at all and it wasn't too hard to bite into.
I felt only the existence of graham on the teeth.
Is your mouth OK now? I hardly have granola, but it's healthy, isn't it?
Thank you for checking Rikai-kun.



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