Winter Shoes

Alas! It's snowing all day long and the ground has been already white now.
My husband is too busy to change tires yet. So I can't drive on the snowy road. I'm in trouble by that.

On the other hand, children enjoy playing with snow. After my son came home from school, he said to me that many classmates were often looking outside for the snow during class and they were scolded by the teacher.

These are my son's winter shoe soles.


When you walk on the snow you can open the spike, and you can close it when you walk in the building.

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Private comment

No title

Hi Sakae

Thanks for the information.
When I went to Hokkaido, I noticed that people in Hokkaido
walk すりあし and they seldom fell down.
But they have such powerful shoes!! I didn't know that.
Do adult wear those kinds of shoes?

It is a kind of wisdom of the life.??
Necessity is the mother of invention.

Please take cake of your self.
Don't catch a cold!!

Re: No title


Thank you for your kind comment.
I'm not used to walking like すりあし, but it is hard to fall down on icy road.
Yes, my shoe has one spiked part. Even though they don't have spiked parts, they are different from winter shoes of mainland. So if you often visit Hokkaido in winter, I recommend you to buy them in Hokkaido.

No title

Hi Sakae and Diet Mama. すりあし means to shuffle or walk with sliding feet. I try to do that when it snows too, but sometimes I fail.

I want ice cleats this year if it snows. Maybe I should visit Hokkaido and buy those special shoes.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
Don't the UK shops have those special shoes? I think you can buy nice winter goods in Hokkaido. Many foreigners visit here. Probably you can enjoy, too.

No title

I haven't seen the special shoes in the UK, but it doesn't snow very much here either. Sometimes the sidewalk gets cleared, but the road always does.

The last few years, it has snowed a lot.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment again.
Even the special shoes sometimes don't work.
Maybe I have to walk like すりあし.
It's good that it doesn't snow very much there. Probably you don't have to wear those special shoes.
I hope it doesn't snow very much for us this winter.


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