a peep hole

Happy New Year!

My family spent New Year's holidays with my mother-in-law at her house for about a week.
Her house is more than fifty years old. My husband's grandfather was an architect and he had designed his own house. It's very old now, but at that time it was modern and it was devised very much. At first it was a small house, but it was extended again and again when the number of family increased and finally it became a three-family house. There are some rooms where I've never gone into still now.
Now my mother-in-law lives alone at this house.

These days many houses in Hokkaido have central heating systems, but her house doesn't. Instead of that, there is an oil heater in the living room. She sleeps even there at night leaving the heater turned on. And there is an air vent at the ceiling of the living room, so the room on the second floor or above the living room is warm. Besides there is another air vent between the room above the living room and the next room of the room on the second floor. And of course, you can close the air vents by hand. Not only the air vent systems, but there are many parts my grandfather-in-law devised in the house. I admire him though he passed away a long time ago.

When I stay there, I sleep at night at the room above the living room. I can't see anything but the light in the living room, but I know whether my mother-in-law stays up or goes to bed through the air vent.
I always go to the living room AFTER my mother-in-law gets up in the morning but NOT TOO LATE.

This is the air vent on the second floor. I call it 'a peep hole' in secret.

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