After we enjoyed the Disney Resort, we left the hotel next morning and my son and I parted from my friends and got on a train to see my old friend.

She lives in Yachimata, Chiba prefecture. At first I thought her place was near the Disney Resort because it was in the same prefecture, but we had to change some trains and it took a long time. At the Chiba station, it was so complicated that I got lost. I asked a few train staff and managed to get to Yachimata station. I often get lost though.

My friend came to pick us up at the station. I saw her for the first time in five years. Before seeing my friend, I told her beforehand that I wanted to relax at her house because I would be very tired after two days walking around. She accepted my selfish offer and prepared lunch for us kindly. She knows my favorite food that is marinated deep-fried fish and cooked it for me. I was about to cry by her warm hospitality.

I had to go back to my hometown that day, so we didn't have enough time to talk with. I lost track of time and I missed the train which I planned in advance. And finally my son and I got to my parents' house around 20:00.

the view from the train near Yachimata station


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Hmmm, that meal looks great. What is the food item next to the rice? I want to eat it. Can you tell me what marinated deep-fried fish is called in Japanese? I want to eat it too, haha.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Yes, it was great. It was garlic rice. And the next to it was a kind of tomato stew with chicken, onion, sweetpotato, pampkin, carrot and so on. And the marinated deep-fried fish is called (さかなの)なんばんづけ in Japanese. It was deep-fried sardine and some vegetables with kind of sweet veneger sauce. We usually say ~のなんばんづけ(南蛮漬け). She knows I love こあじ(baby horse mackerel)のなんばんづけ, but she said that she couldn't find the fish then, so she cooked sardine instead. It was really good. And it was not miso soup but Chinese soup with cabbage and sesame.


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I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
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