While we stayed at my parents' house, my son wet his bed one morning. It was unusual though.

My father said that he was going to dry the futon on the roof. He often does it. The roof is across the balcony where is on the second floor. He wanted to dry it around at ten in the morning, but he had to leave home at nine that day. I said to him that I would dry it on the fence of balcony, but he said drying it on the roof was better. And he went to the second floor before nine o'clock and my son and I followed to help him.

My father climbed over the fence and I helped him standing the gable roof to carry the futon from the balcony. He put the futon on the side where was in the sun. The next moment, he slipped on the top of the roof and slid down to the opposite side! I couldn't do anything but screaming. I saw the edge of the roof quickly while he was sliding down, but there were no things to stop him such as edge blocks. I knew there was a stone wall that was only 30cm high under the edge of the roof, so I was really scared that he would die or receive a serious injury. When it was the very moment when he reached on the edge, miraculously he stopped there! I didn't know why.
It happened while it was just a blink of an eye.

Some neighbors listening to my screaming came out from their houses and they were watching us with wondering what happened.
Soon I climbed over the fence and my father said to me that I should take off my shoes not to slip. So I followed his advice and I stood on the roof holding the fence by my right hand and I reached my left hand for my father while thinking that it would be impossible to pull him up because he was bigger than me. Miraculously again, I managed to pull him up at the end! I couldn't believe it.

His back had a lot of frost. And he told us that the edge of the roof had a thickness of a few millimeters though I couldn't see it from the balcony and he couldn't move because he was keeping his right foot along the edge strongly not to fall off.
I was really really really relieved and I asked him to never go on the roof again. He is 82 years old now.




We went fishing near the ruins of a castle, Nagahama. The scenery was very beautiful.
You can see Mt. Fuji over there.
It was the first experience for my son to go fishing and he caught seven horse mackerels (アジ) in a fishing pond. After we came home, we had them with raw for supper. It was so delicious!


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No title

Hi, Sakaeさん.

I make a comment after a quite long time.
It was good your father didn't have a serous injury.
I read through your post brethtakingly.
Your father is the same age as my father.
Fracture may be a fatal wound for them.
Take care of your father.

Re: No title

Hi, 西郷の局.

Thank you for your kind comment.
Yes, it was really good he didn't fall off the roof. It was like a nightmare.
By the way, I think your father is lucky because he has great-grandchildren as around the same age as my son.
What a young great-grandfather!

No title

Oh my goodness!!! The incident with your father!! I wouldn't have been able to stop crying. He should never go to the roof again.

I really love the pictures of mount fuji there. Whenever I see the area around mount fuji, I sigh with happiness. (Do you know that expression?)

And congrats to your son for catching dinner!

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Does 'I sigh with happiness' mean that you sigh or say "Ah!" or "Oh!" because Mt. Fuji makes you feel happy?
I've grown up with Mt.Fuji, so just when I moved to Hokkaido, I used to look for it unwittingly. I miss it always.

No title

Yes, that's right! I say "Ahhh" or "Ohhh" when looking at Mount Fuji and I feel happy. It's like eating returning to your hometown and seeing something familiar. You smile and you get a good feeling.

Or maybe even going into a hot bath at the end of the day. You go "Ahhhh."

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you very much!


Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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