Ikebana 2/12/2014 and a Chocolate cake


I arranged Tokai Cherry blossoms(東海桜), Iris(アイリス) and Sweet pea (スィートピー).
Spring is just around the corner.
When I used irises a few weeks ago, I arranged them with a Japanese style. So I arranged them with a Western style this time. It would've been more beautiful if the cherry sprigs bloomed more, but instead of that I will enjoy it for a longer time.

By the way, after I came home from the Ikebana lesson I baked a chocolate cake.
I've tried to make it for several times before, but I haven't been satisfied with it yet. I wanted it to be harder and moist. My family liked it though.



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Although I don't know much about cooking...
I do know a bit about eating :)

I love extremely moist cakes.
I have eaten some delicious ones...
and when I had asked how they were made...
almost all of them had either substituted cream for any milk in
the recipe...or had added a lot of pudding mixture in. The result was a fluffy and moist cake which was delicious.

Also, I had eaten some super moist and flavorful cakes which had
been cooked in a dutch oven. A dutch oven will
keep the moisture in the cakes or breads. An improvised dutch oven
is one where the batter is poured into a covered container and then
put into the oven. All the moisture remains inside. Your family will
be astounded by the difference...and your cakes and breads will
be the envy of all of your friends and neighbors.

Re: No title

Hi, shiroi tora.

Thank you for telling me the tip about making cakes.
I didn't use any cream and didn't cover the container.
Actually I've covered it for several times before when I baked breads, but it was because I wanted to prevent burning the top.
Speaking of a dutch oven, I imagine camping and it is used there. Unfortunately I don't have one, but I'll cover the container next time to keep moist.
Now my son asks me to bake a roll cake next. I'll do it as you told.
I want to astound everyone!

No title

The ikebana and the cake look great. Is it appropriate to drink tea and look at flowers? :)

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, it is! After I arranged flowers, we enjoyed talking and looking at Ikebana over a cup of tea and some sweets. I had a good time then.


Welcome to my blog.
I'm married and we have a son. I live in Hokkaido, Japan.
I like handmade things and Ikebana(arranging flowers).
I hope that you enjoy my articles and photos.

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