Blueberry Cake

We had a lot of snow yesterday. The snow had a lot of moisture, so it was heavy and hard to remove.

My son is too hungry to wait until supper from school as usual. He loves potato chips, but I don't want to give them to him very often. I offered him a rice ball, but he rejected it. I'm wondering if there are healthy snacks instead of potato chips. I like rice crackers with sesame and keep them, but he doesn't want to eat them.

I baked a blueberry cake. I can bake cakes once in a while, but it's difficult to make it always.
I wonder what kind of healthy snacks good children have after school.


I've heard that this ring mold(蛇の目型) is rare nowadays. I bought it more than twenty years ago. I like it very much, so I'll cherish it.

Blueberry Cake

100g butter
100g flour
70g sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 bag of frozen blueberries (200~250g)

170℃ 30min.

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My wife makes my son's lunch everyday...usually rice and some sort of fish or chicken...some vegetables and/or fruit (not a lunch from his school). He rarely eats any sort of American snack food. When he gets home...he usually has some assorted nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, and sometimes some smoked salmon with cream cheese on crackers or bread or some other fish dish. We were cognizant from the beginning of the extreme value of a healthful diet in all aspects of a child's growth.

Just my two cents: Nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish or poultry, rice, yogurt...these make up a healthful snack. Water or milk to drink. We, as parents, set the palate of our children for a lifelong path of health...
and better intellectual functioning, by controlling their diet at home
when they are young.

That is a nice looking cake by the way!

Re: No title

Hello, shiroi tora.

Thank you for telling me about the healthful snacks. Some smoked salmon with cream cheese on crackers or bread sound fancy!
You and your wife seem to be ideal parents.
I showed and translated your comment to my son soon yesterday. Then he took cheese out of the fridge and he asked me how it was. And he had it.
We have homemade yogurt after supper every night. I'd like to keep in mind to feed him some nuts, dried fruit and so on between meals.

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That cake looks really good!

I think Shiroi Tora's ideas are great haha. Is smoked salmon fancy in Japan? I think it's normal in the UK. You can get a large packet in the supermarket for about £4 or maybe 600 yen on sale. I have it often.

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
I think so too about his ideas.
The smoked salmon is not expensive in Japan too, but my image of smoked salmon with cream cheese on crackers is one of the dishes on the party. So I think it's fancy for children to have between meals at home.
I mean オシャレなおやつ. I'm not sure 'fancy' is appropriate on this situation. Can I use it?

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Rikai-kun says that オシャレなおやつ means a stylish or fancy afternoon snack. I understand why you made that association haha. I think I would say the same if I was in the US, but it's so normal here to me now.

I sometimes have it with rice as a maki or on toast with egg as breakfast. I think that's too English though.

Re: No title

Hello, Always visiting.

Thank you for telling me about the オシャレなおやつ.
It's common to have salmon here in Hokkaido, too. It's defferent from that in mainland. Salmon sushi is excellent!


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