A Daddy's Boot

My son's friend bringing his little brother came to my place.

My son and his friends played together at home for a while and then they went outside to play. My son sometimes wears my husband's boots these days when he goes out in front of the door for a short time. Because his own boots are often wet. My husband's boots are much bigger than his, but he doesn't care.

That day he also wore them when he went out with his friends. And they played in front of the door for a while and then they went to a stream nearby. When they were walking the stream bank, one of the boots my son wearing came off and fell in the stream by accident.

The amount of its water was more than usual because of the thawed snow and it was running fast. The boot was floating and washed away quickly.
My son said to his friend's little brother that he should wait at the door of my place, and his friend crossed the bridge to go to the opposite side of the stream and my son and his friend ran after the boot along the both sides in case the boot goes to the opposite side. My son ran for his life with wearing the big boot on his left foot and his right barefooted.

After all he managed to catch up with and picked it up.
After his friends went home, my son told me the whole story of the accident.
I was very surprised to hear that and was relieved that his friends as well as my son didn't fall in the stream. My son said to me that he was OK in case he falls in it because he could swim.
I said strictly to him that never go there by himself or with his friends again.
Then my son said to me "Please, please don't tell Daddy about it. Please!"
He washed the boot later.

My husband came home at night and took some time at the doorway, and he came into the room and said just "It was wet." not saying about the boot or so. I didn't reply anything. Probably he thought it was my fault because there was the flower arrangement on the shoe shelf near the boots and he might misunderstand that I spilt the water when I watered the arrangement. He didn't say anything more than that. My son was really relieved.
My husband won't wear the boots this season any more because there is little snow now.

We're sorry, hubby!



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Oh my goodness -- your son going to the stream and getting the boot! That's so crazy and dangerous. Children and young people are so naive.

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, it was so dangerous. And he seemed to learn something from that accident.


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