I've learned a few things about the Ainu race from a school textbook of children.


When I was a child, my family always used to have dogs. My father likes Ainu dogs, so I was raised with them. My father told me that you could also call them Hokkaido dogs. It was the first time for me to know about 'Ainu'.
I was not sure I had learned about 'Ainu' at school, but I hardly knew it when I lived in the mainland.

However when I live in Hokkaido, I have not a few opportunities to know about the Ainu race. I don't know about students living in the mainland or so, but students here learn about it in school.
I thought it was a good chance to know about it, so I opened and read the school textbook.
It is said about its history, culture and so on.
After I finished reading it, I felt sorry for the race.

The Ainu race had lived in around Hokkaido until around in 1850. And then Japan decided to call 'Hokkaido' the north island in 1869. The Ainu race also had lived originally in the Northern Territories, the northeast islands of Hokkaido.
And Japan prohibited the Ainu race from many things such as having tatoos, wearing earrings, fishing salmons and even using own Ainu names, and so on.
And Japan sent them to the world wars as the dispatch of Japanese troops.

When I was a student, I hadn't learn everything about Japanese history. We should know the real one.

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I've heard about the ainu race. I think their experience is common with indigenous people. I hear China has many different indigenous types of people who are well protected now.

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Hello, Always visiting.

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, there are many indigenous people in the world. But some of them have been struggling still now. It's a difficult matter.
There are some Ainu museum in Hokkaido. I want to visit there sometime.


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