Me Me Scam オレオレ詐欺

I'm not sure it's 'Me Me Scam' or 'It's me Scam' in English, but my parents got it by the phone.

My mother got the phone from a man.
He said "It's me. I catch a cold."
My mother said (to 'her son') "Oh, that's too bad. You've been very busy these days because of moving, so you got tired and then catch it. You should take a good rest. Otosan! (She called her husband soon. He was at home then.)"
She passed the phone to my father and he said "Are you all right? You should put on a hot patch to keep yourself warm and go to bed early."
The man said "I'll do. Thank you. See you later."

A few hours later, 'real' my brother made a phone call to them by chance. My mother said to him about the catching a cold of him then, so my brother doubted at first whether she got senile dementia. Then he and my parents knew it was a 'Me Me Scam'.
Though my parents had said before that "We'll NEVER be deceived by them. Don't worry!" with full of confidence.

Probably the swindler gave up to deceive them because there was her husband there too.

Actually my parents-in-law also got one a couple years ago. They went to the post office to wire, but just before that the late my father-in-law noticed by himself that it was a 'Me Me Scam'.

Be careful, everyone.

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Eeeeh no way, an ore ore sagi? And the call to your in-laws too! :( I'm glad your late father in law realized it. I wonder how people get telephone numbers of elderly people?

I saw on a drama that the reason these happen is because people don't talk to their relatives often enough and they forgot their voices. I called my grandmother last year, but she almost didn't recognize me. She said many times "Is it you?"

Re: No title

Hi, Always visiting.

Yes, it was an ore ore sagi. I don't know how they get the telephone numbers, but probably their numbers spread among the criminal organizations more and more.
I think I should call them often to prevent the crime.

When you called your grandmother, I'm sure she was very pleased. That was very good.


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