snow fairies (insects)

There were so many snow fairies(insects) flying outside today. They look like snow and tell us that winter is coming around the corner.

I baked three carrot cakes, one is for my father and the other is for my childhood friend and the last one is for my family. However just after baked, a neighbor visited my place unexpectedly, so I gave one that was supposed to be for us.

My father's birthday and my childhood friend's are the same day, that is tomorrow. That's why I baked birthday cakes for them and sent each of them, but I should have sent them yesterday because it takes two days to get there. I wanted to do, but I was too busy to bake cakes yesterday. I will only call them on their birthday.

My father will turn to be 80 years old. He is very healthy still now. After retirement he enjoys playing the harmonica. He often goes to play it at nursing homes, hospitals and so on as a volunteer working. And he teaches playing the harmonica at some community centers. On the other hand, he goes to learn it to near Tokyo twice a month by trains making some connections, taking about three hours for one way. And he says proudly that when he goes to the station, he goes up the stairs by skipping every other step! "Please don't do that!" I said to him. But he doesn't care.
He likes standing out, so he always performs playing the harmonica, singing, dancing wearing a mask and a Kimono, giving a speach and so on at the festivals, wedding parties and even funerals.
He is invited by an elementary school to perform playing the harmonica and giving a speach next month. So he is excited now.
He is my big father, I have an opposite side character though.

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